Inner revolution

When the mortal remains of our immortal gods are no more Who’s going to sing our generation’s pains? When the fight isn’t done, about to be undone Whose chant can we turn into the hymn of struggle? When the summer of love is just a memory of a distant memory, are we ready to love … Continue reading

Music, Technology and Lifestyle

We have arrived to an era where if one states that they’re “computer illiterate” means they’re just “illiterate” and that they’re having great difficulty with coping with the world around them. There have been a few isolated voices crying that the internet is ruining people’s lives, preventing them from communicating properly with the real world. … Continue reading

Advertising and SEO

It is easy to presume for everyone nowadays that they know the first thing about advertising. After so many years of being invaded by publicity everywhere we turn, we know the sales pitch, we can see a mile away what the product is about and whether or not it satisfies our needs. Since everything has … Continue reading

Ingmar Bergman – famous works

From Jean Luc Goddard to Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen and Bernardo Bertolucci, Ingmar Bergman’s body of work has influenced many great directors, who have recognized and appreciated his unique style. As Bertolucci puts it in an interview shortly after Bergman’s death, he managed to capture “the depths of the human spirit, going even further into … Continue reading

New Wave aesthetics

What is The New Wave? The French New Wave is a very important movement in the history of European cinema. Inspired by the best exports of Hollywood cinema and the cinematic movement called Italian Neorealism that emerged there after World War II, the French New Wave was looking to revolutionize and reshape the state of … Continue reading